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Spotlight on Gabriel: A Mentor's Journey with Capoeira

Gabriel Navarro has been a part of the Mentor a Mentor team for over 6 years, coaching and mentoring youth at Casa Hogar Adonai.

Cara, Mentor a Mentor's new Program Director, connected with Gabriel for the first time over Google Meet, leading to an insightful interview you can read below.

Gabriel Navarro is a dedicated coach at Mentor a Mentor, whose journey from Chihuahua, Mexico, to Casa Hogar Adonai, has spanned six inspiring years. His unwavering commitment to teaching Capoeira to the children at the orphanage has left a lasting impact on their lives.

Interview with Gabriel:

Q: Gabriel, can you tell us about your Capoeira journey?

Gabriel: I started practicing Capoeira when I was just 10 years old. In 2017, I began teaching Capoeira to children at Casa Hogar Adonai at Mentor a Mentor, and I'm proud be parting with the orphanage and Mentor a Mentor.

Q: What advantages do you think your consistency brings to the youth at the orphanage at Casa Hogar Adonai?

Gabriel: The continuity of our relationship is important. Adolescents, in particular, open up to me about their lives and difficulties. With these established connections, I can speak truth into their lives, provide encouragement, and talk about important values.

Q: What motivates you the most about teaching?

Gabriel: I genuinely enjoy teaching and being with children, listening to their stories and experiences.

Q: How do you organize your classes at Adonai?

Gabriel: I teach two days a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I start with an hour class for the younger children, then I teach an hour class for the older students.

Q: You recently participated in the "Quintos jogos Mexicanos" de Capoeira in Mexico City. Can you tell us about that experience?*

Gabriel: Mentor a Mentor sponsored me for the tournament inscription, and I'm incredibly grateful for that opportunity. Winning a silver medal was a great achievement. My passion and motivation while preparing for the competition were evident to my students, they were really energized, which, in turn, helps me be a better teacher.

Q: What would you like the Mentor a Mentor family to know about you?

Gabriel: I want them to know that I have a deep passion for teaching and working with children.

Q: On a lighter note, what's your favorite food?

Gabriel: My mom's lasagna!

Q: Can you share a story about a student at Casa Hogar Adonai who has been positively affected by your teaching?

Gabriel: There's a newer boy named Daniel at the orphanage. He has a natural talent for Capoeira, but is aggressive and has trouble managing his emotions. Capoeira has helped him develop better self-control and the exercise has helped him to be more relaxed and calm.

Q: What are your objectives for the children you teach?

Gabriel: My main objectives are to keep them motivated with Capoeira and maintain dynamic classes.

Q: What do you and the youth need to continue making your classes motivating and dynamic?

Gabriel: Some needs we have might be some practice pads for kicking and some floor mats for the students to safely practice their acrobatic moves.

Q: How has Mentor a Mentor impacted your life?

Gabriel: It has provided me with opportunities to participate in tournaments, competitions, and events that have helped me grow. As an introverted person, it has also helped me develop skills like public speaking, organization, and effective teaching.

Q: Is there anything you'd like to say to the people who support Mentor a Mentor?

Gabriel: Thank you for supporting the children at Casa Hogar Adonai. Your support makes a difference in their lives.

Gabriel's dedication and passion for teaching Capoeira have left an indelible mark on the youth at Casa Hogar Adonai. We're grateful for his commitment and the positive impact he continues to make.

Would you like to give a martial arts pad or floor mat to the children at Casa Hogar Adonai? One martial arts pad costs $60.00 and one floor mat costs $40.00. Click below to make a donation. Thank you for being part of our Mentor a Mentor family!

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