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"You can't be everything to everybody but you can be something to somebody."

-Drew Davis

Instructor Gabriel Navarro

Instructors are daily giving of themselves to their students and communities.  But who is giving back to them?  
Mentor a Mentor seeks to come alongside of its instructors and offer them the support and mentorship they need on a regular basis.  Instructors are confronted with issues ranging from behavioral disruptions or how to improve punctuality in their courses, to students' personal difficulties at home or coming from impoverished backgrounds, to how to best market their courses and handle finances to create a sustainable practice of their own.
These instructors will be able to benefit from guidance of other mentors who have been there and learned valuable lessons themselves, whether it be helping to answer a question, offering a word of advice, or simply extending an encouraging word.
Instructors reflect the values that matter the most to them.  Our goal is for instructors to better learn how to transmit these values through consideration and guidance from other mentors. In turn, they will share these learned experiences with their students and fellow instructors.
Mentor a Mentor.
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