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What We Do

Our Mission:

To empower sports and arts instructors transmitting positive values to youth.

Our Vision:

A thriving community where mentees become mentors who do good and reap good.

Our Impact

Mentor A Mentor employs sustainable strategies, including dignified compensation and leadership development, to support sports, art, and STEM instructors who mentor vulnerable youth in Latin America. Through our approach, youth gain access to high-quality activities and forge meaningful relationships with supportive adults, fostering the cultivation of positive values in their lives.

Sharpen the Saw

Teaching in youth is like carving in stone.  

Mentor a Mentor offers tools which help instructors 'carve' better by having the resources and confidence they need.


By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn.  


Those who play the game do not see as clearly as those who watch. 

Instructors teach students, that is their game. They can use someone watching from a different angle to clearly see what is going on and how to improve.

Do Good, Reap Good

Let us not grow weary in doing good, for at the right time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.


All youth benefit from having a mentor in their lives. The more risk factors a young person has, the less likely he or she is to have a naturally occurring mentor.*  Our instructors give back and sustainably serve as a mentor to youth at risk in their communities.  

*Source:  The Mentoring Effect 

We encourage each other; we bring one another up.

Principles (LIVE)

Leading by example

We strive to be an example for others to imitate.


We all can learn from each other regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or religion.

Virtuous circle

We do good, reap good.  Our goal is to sustainably empower youth instructors for teaching positive values, making it economically and mutually beneficial to teach and mentor youth.

Evolve continuously

A wise person changes his mind; a fool never does. 

Sport and Art activities evolve; techniques improve over time.  We evolve and learn together.

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