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Do Good, Reap Good

In Latin America, making a stable living as a sports or arts instructor is nearly impossible to do.  

Many children in Mexico are orphaned for various reasons and find themselves in children's homes lacking funding and proper support.


Mentor a Mentor employs its instructors to teach their discipline in local orphanages and communities, sharing their values, skills and experience with children at risk in a broken system. Simultaneously they offer their support to the local and orphanage leadership through their continued positive presence with the children, while making a decent wage for the work they are doing. 


Mentor a Mentor's goal is to build sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships to build up the community.  Investing in youth personally may give these children the resources they need to make better decisions in their future.  


See our blog to learn about what our instructors are doing.

“When young people are connected to caring adults, communities do well.”

—Mark Edwards, Opportunity Nation

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