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Our Story

When Sport and Art collide magic happens.

When Rebecca and Javier

met, passion for helping

others through Sport, Art

and Education were their commonalities.

"We met at the right time in our lives." 

-Rebecca Wynia, Mentor a Mentor Co-Founder and Director 

Work hard, pray harder.

On an early trip to Mexico, Rebecca was asked if she was 'ready to go.' When she said yes she knew her life was forever changed.
She moved into an Orphanage, teaching Art and English to children and youth coming from addictions.

After a year her heart was fixed and she returned with groups to complete education and construction projects in the region.

Drug violence forced her organization to close, but she knew she wasn't done and continued her work independently.  Then she met Javier.

In Switzerland she taught art and English, yet continued projects with the children in Mexico. 

Fascinated by instructors' influence in adolescents, he applied to study a Masters in Sports Administration in Switzerland, hoping to further his scope of influence.

Javier lost his father when he was 13 years old.

Thankfully his mother had the vision to register him at a local sports club, where he received valuable lessons and later came back to work as Instructor and Programs Coordinator.  

Both having a strong faith, the opportunity of a scholarship to study came, and on they went.

After graduation, Javier worked at international Sports organizations and competitions, a dream come true.

They were happy, but knew they weren't finished with Mexico.  

Rebecca had kept strong relationships at local orphanages needing support with their kids, and Javier knew just the right instructors.

That's when the Summer Pilot program began.

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