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It's been a minute!

We’ve been quiet but things have still been moving at Mentor a Mentor. Here’s a bit on our sites and instructors:

Partner site: Orphanage Casa Hogar Adonai

In February we wrote with a plea for prayer as Director Luis was direly ill with COVID. Thankfully he turned the corner and has since made a full recovery! His wife and co-director Cecy later contracted COVID; she still suffers from lasting damage in her lungs. They believe many of the children in the home also contracted the virus but with lighter cases. Currently Luis and Cecy and their oldest children have been vaccinated! In the new year youth ages 15-17 will be able to be vaccinated, hopefully followed by 12+ soon after. Luis and Cecy currently have 42 children at Adonai. While the oldest have returned to school in person, the youngest are still in the home doing distance learning. Many have fallen behind in school, and we are honored to support them through the presence of a new academic instructor, Adriana.

Instructor Adriana:

Adriana is licensed in Indigenous Education from the National Pedagogical University in Creel, a town in the Sierra of Chihuahua near the Copper Canyon. She began teaching at the orphanage through a government program that expired in September. Mentor a Mentor is grateful for the opportunity to support Adriana’s classes with the children to finish out the work she started and that the children so desperately need. Adriana is incredibly capable, motivated, and highly trained to complete her job with excellence. And above all, she loves these children as she works with them respectfully, bringing dignity to their lives as she assists them in their academic and personal development.

Instructor Gabriel:

Gabriel has resumed teaching Capoeira classes in person at Adonai. After a long break due to COVID, he says motivation is high! The children are excited to train again after a long time of not doing much-they enjoy moving their bodies, exercising, playing, and getting back into good physical form. For some children it is a welcome distraction from their daily life and chores in the orphanage. Gabriel says they continue to improve their coordination and gain strength, but above all what has most improved is their mindset, in particular the older children. Some are nearly 18 years of age and are beginning to think about what next steps in life will look like for them. His continuity with them is priceless as he daily shows up and invests in every individual at Adonai.

Instructor Daniel/Partner site secondary school ‘Secundaria Técnica 94’:

In Ciudad Juarez, Secundaria Técnica 94, a secondary school on the outskirts of the city, has just only begun in person classes with many restrictions and safety measures in place. Mentor a Mentor’s breakdance instructor, Daniel, has yet to receive authorization from the school to begin teaching in person, however he has been in touch with his students-sending videos, tutorials, and orientations for developing and maintaining their skills. Mentor a Mentor has continued to support Daniel through the pandemic, and we look forward to him hopefully receiving the green light to begin his breakdance classes in the new year! He has been faced with many challenges during COVID with distance learning and students falling behind. We know his physical presence will have a huge impact on the youth in his community.

Our Family:

In April we welcomed the newest addition to our family: León Francisco. We are so thankful and so blessed, and we appreciate your patience in our sparse communications. Giving Tuesday is just around the corner, we would be honored for you to join us in supporting the work our incredible instructors are doing in their communities.

Empower instructors. Invest in youth. Build up a community.

Stay tuned with how to support us this Giving Tuesday. Blessings and peace.

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