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Exciting News...

Mentor a Mentor is expanding!

We are incredibly excited to share the news of our expansion: this July, Cara Daza joined Mentor a Mentor to lead us in her role as Program Director!

For those who have been following along on our journey over the years, you may know that most of the background work that takes place for Mentor a Mentor to function is done by Rebecca and Javier in off hours, when other jobs and responsibilities allow. This has been life giving, yet difficult to sustain and limiting for Mentor a Mentor. We are immensely blessed to now have Cara join us part time to help run the daily needs of Mentor a Mentor, as well as look towards officially expanding and launching our education and mentorship programs! We are also incredibly excited to announce that Cara will be establishing Mentor a Mentor’s presence in Bucaramanga, Colombia where she lives as we partner with Colombia Academy and look to launch our first instructor to teach classes to underserved youth in their local community. Keep reading to learn more about Cara and what an asset she already is to us at Mentor a Mentor and how you can help us make our work possible!

Meet Cara Eleonora Daza, a justice-oriented and data-driven educational consultant, and a dedicated entrepreneur. With 17 years of experience in the field of education, both in the United States and internationally, Cara has been a driving force in empowering young minds.

Cara is a Graduate of Bethel University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and recently obtained her Masters of Education in Educational Leadership from High Tech High Graduate School of Education in San Diego, California.

Cara and her husband Sergio co-founded Colombia Academy, a thriving martial arts and fitness academy in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Cara is passionate about expanding their impact in the community and is excited to now lead Mentor a Mentor as Program Director. In this capacity, she is fervently working to expand Mentor a Mentor's educational outreach, making quality sports and mentorship accessible to underserved youth.

Join Cara and Mentor a Mentor on our mission to transform lives and shape a brighter future for generations to come. Please consider supporting us financially as we expand to reach and impact the lives of instructors and youth in their communities, in Mexico and now Colombia as well!

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