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“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ― Charles Dickens

In a world where COVID has flipped things upside down, Mentor a Mentor strives to remain constant with our instructors and the youth in their community.

Even amidst a challenging year, our instructors have still managed to make a difference. Mentor a Mentor's Breakdance Instructor, Daniel Pineda, shares about the effect of COVID on him and the youth he works with in Ciudad Juarez.

(Daniel teaching a breakdance class February 2019)

"In April 2019 classes were suspended in our school and I haven't been able to continue in person with my Breakdance students since. However I have still been in touch with my students sending them videos, tutorials and orientations to maintain and develop their skills.... Even still, it's not the same without that human contact to help us reach our goals socially and emotionally.

The school has resumed in person classes but still with many restrictions from local authorities. The groups are divided and spaced out, we cannot share material, common areas are closed and athletic activities are suspended out of precaution. That said, it looks like we will be able to resume extracurricular activities soon. Even through it all, Mentor a Mentor has continued to be there for me and the group, and thanks to all of your generosity we've continued to have support. Here we continue, anxious to move forward with these projects, to be able to offer space to people where they can develop themselves individually, where they can not only learn a new activity, but where they can feel companionship. A space to help develop their values and their abilities, a place where they can feel part of something. Because this is lacking in the youth of this area: feeling that they are part of something." Daniel's consistency and dedication is invaluable. His renewed physical presence, along with Mentor a Mentor's other instructors, Gabriel and Adriana, is imperative after a year of lockdown that has brought about much loss for the children and youth in our partner sites. Mentor a Mentor’s work is funded 100% by donations and all of the funds raised go directly to the work our instructors are doing in northern Mexico. We would be honored to have you join us this #GivingTuesday to continue supporting instructor’s like Daniel in 2022! Check out our Giving Tuesday fundraiser on Facebook, where at 7:00 am CT Meta will match donations dollar for dollar! Donations can also be received via our website.

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