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Gabriel Navarro -World Championships
  • Gabriel Navarro -World Championships


    Next summer Gabriel has the chance to learn more of his art so he can teach the kids better. 


    You can support him.


    Total budget is $2,000 for return flights, workshops, room and board for the World Capoeira Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August of 2017. Gabriel will take part in workshops with the best masters in the world and share with other instructors to improve his technical skills during the one week event.

    There is no small amount to support with. You will also gift him the feeling of support based on the good job he is doing at Adonai with the orphans.


    If there is a will there is a way. 


    About Gabriel and his class:

    To me Capoeira is an art form that helps me to stay in shape physically and mentally. It also give me cultural knowledge (i.e history, music) and it helps me get to know people from around the world who share a passion for Capoeira.


    Key values in his own words:

    Push: Admonish yourself to attain better results every day.

    Tolerance: Be tolerant to the different aptitudes of each student

    Responsibility: Achieve the purpuse of the activity you do.

    Humility: Do not boast your personal achievement; be open to feedback and constructive criticism from anybody

    Discipline: How you go when facing all physical and mental challenges.

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