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Summer pilot program 2016

It is a good game when everybody wins. 
The children from Orphanage Casa Hogar Adonai started to learn the arts of Capoeira and sewing; the instructors got paid a fair wage for their inspiring knowledge, building each other up.

"I feel very enthusiastic and very happy training Capoeira"- Pancho, child at Adonai.

Children were introduced to an ancient art on a summer of otherwise long days in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Capoeira was an art form used to free slaves in Brazil after the 16th century. In modern times low self esteem, social skills and physical inactivity enslave children to an invisible cage. In a program of two classes a week with the best local instructor, children were introduced to this ancient Brazilian activity which includes martial arts, music and body tricks.

La educación se mama. 

        Education starts at home.

To complement capoeira, children went into the city to take sewing classes with the goal of eventually being self sufficient in making their own clothes or sports uniforms, and have a skill to give them more options in the future.

"The children's attention span is short, I spend much of the class correcting basic manners" -Cruz, Sewing instructor.

Instructors like Cruz not only teach the children practical skills, but also provide parental guidance that is lacking in the orphanage due to limited constant adult presence.  These instructors offer the children a greater chance of success.

Nobody said it would be easy, but it is worth it.

Orphanage Casa Hogar Adonai has been a source of love and shelter for local boys and girls for over 10 years in the outskirts of Chihuahua, Mexico. Luis and Cecy are the loving parents of 30-40 children who attend school regularly and are quite active physically; some boys even play American football on a local team!  


Mentor a Mentor strives to not only support instructors making a difference, but simultaneously support Luis and Cecy in the powerful work they are doing, with an ultimate goal of having positive influences from the local community making a difference in their own local community, fostering mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships.  

Children and Youth aged 6-18 

Capoeira and Sewing classes

Chihuahua, Mexico

Click here to see our blog post with pictures from the summer pilot program

Sport Classes​ (Age: 6 and above)



An Afro-Brazilian martial art that focuses on multiple intelligences: body, music, social and more​.

Instructor: Raul, or 'Mariachi'

Sewing(Age: 12 and above)

Making your own gear is as self-sustainable as empowering for children.


Cruz Ahumada, better know as "señora Crucita" in the city of Chihuahua is arguably the best seamstress in town. For over 35 years she has made anything from wedding dresses to costumes for school plays. Even though haute couture is her specialty, the timing was right for her to help others in the community.


"I feel it is time for me to share my knowledge and hopefully be a blessing to others as sewing has been a blessing to me".

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